Smartwatch Casino Games Explained for NZ Players

New Zealanders love their gadgets, and as such smartwatches have seen a fair amount of success in the region.

After all, there is no better companion to a person who likes to jog, get remote access to their phone, or just a person who prefers not to fumble about when driving.

But is a smartwatch a useful device for gaming? Let’s take a look at how modern online casino games work on a standard smartwatch.

Slot Games on a Smart Watch

There are a number of slot games currently available for smartwatch, and all function pretty much as you’d expect. There are are, however, notable limitations to the game. The watch has limited screen space, after all, which means that certain aspects of the games must be condensed, or cut down entirely. Smartwatch slot games use only a single reel, and a limited number of symbols. This fundamentally changes the nature of the game.

Don’t expect betting lines, and don’t expect multiple matching options for rows. A smartwatch slot game is as simple as it gets, and that is the nature of the limited screen size. The game does, however, function perfectly well for what it is, and the slot game can be played, and money won, just as you’d expect. It is ultimately rather impressive that a slot game can be boiled down to such an extent, and still work as a slot game.

Smartwatch Poker

Poker is another game available on smartwatch, and another game that operates well, given that it has been boiled down to its basic elements. 5 stud, and Texas Hold’em are both available, and can be played with relative ease on a small smartwatch screen. Note that cards will only appear in their most basic form, a suit symbol and number, but it doesn’t take long to get used to the simplified presentation.

One should again not expect to be blown away by graphics, or dazzled by special effects, but instead simply embrace that the game of poker is being presented on a tiny screen. All in all, one can hardly ask for more, given the circumstances.


It is ultimately possible to play smartwatch casino games, and have a blast while doing so. There are, however, much better play platforms available. A significantly better experience can be had on a mobile phone or tablet, but a smartwatch will certainly do in a pinch. Its unlikely that a smartwatch will ever become a favoured platform for games, but then the device certainly wasn’t designed to offer superior game performance. A watch is instead intended to be an extension of a phone, and offer quick access while driving, or otherwise distracted.

The wisest option is to keep a smartwatch as an emergency play platform, but it otherwise seems smarter to simply use the phone that the watch is paired with. Phones will always have bigger screens, more processing power, and have more stable access to the internet. A smartwatch is, however, certainly an alternative that serves its purpose well, especially given its obvious limitations.