Play the Best Bingo Games with an Explanatory Guide

Bingo is a game that has been enjoyed by many people over the last eighty years. The game involves players using pre-printed cards that have twenty five spaces on them and trying to make a line of five with those spaces. In order to fill the spaces, the player must hear a certain letter and number combination called out by the person running the game. Playing the best bingo UK games is easy, but knowing how to play first will give you the edge.

Each of five columns has a letter at the top. The first column has a B. The second column has an I. The third column has an N. The fourth column has a G. And finally, the fifth and final column has an O. This spells bingo across the top of the card. This is where the game of bingo gets its name. Under each of these columns, B I N G and O, there are certain numbers that can appear. Under the B column, there can be numbers one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen and fifteen. Under the I column, there can be numbers sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, twenty, twenty one, twenty two, twenty three, twenty four, twenty five, twenty six, twenty seven, twenty eight, twenty nine and thirty. Under the N column, there can be numbers thirty one, thirty two, thirty three, thirty four, thirty five, thirty six, thirty seven, thirty eight, thirty nine, forty, forty one, forty two, forty three, forty four and forty five. Under the G column, there can be numbers forty six, forty seven, forty eight, forty nine, fifty, fifty one, fifty two, fifty three, fifty four, fifty five, fifty six, fifty seven, fifty eight, fifty nine, and sixty. And finally, under the O column, there can be numbers sixty one, sixty two, sixty three, sixty four, sixty five, sixty six, sixty seven, sixty eight, sixty nine, seventy, seventy one, seventy two, seventy three, seventy four and seventy five.

Normally, there is also a space in the middle of the board that is given to the player as a free space. That means that it is already filled when the player is given a card and can be used to make a row of five and win the player a Bingo. This obviously depends on which game is being played, as there are also bingo games where players must black out the card, get all four corners or other combinations. A player must know the rules of the game when they’re looking to play the best bingo UK has to offer.

Look for the Best Bingo UK

When searching for the best bingo UK has, it is essential player knows what types of bingo are available. There are mobile apps on both Android and Apple that offer best bingo UK. There are also casino sites that offer best bingo UK. At some of these sites the player can play for free and at others they can wager money.

Bingo Games Available

Some of the bingo games available at internet casinos include Big Ben, London Hall, City Hall, Victoria 90, Down Town, 90 Dosh and Money Multiplier. Jackpots for these games can be anywhere from thirty pounds to twenty five hundred pounds.