Find Out More About Biggest Motor Racing Events Globally

Motor racing has been a part of our blood since the first car rolled off the production line in 1886, it took only 9 years since from then for the first official race to take place in 1895.

Throughout the last 125 years, people have been striving for the next fastest car and the next big change to take place. In the below, we will be covering the biggest motorsport events from some different categories of motor racing.

Monaco Grand Prix

Monaco Grand Prix is not only the most prestigious race in the Formula 1 calendar, but is a strong contender for the most prestigious race in all motorsport. First run in 1929 the Circuit de Monaco is not only one of glamour and beauty, but a technically challenging track as well. Held on the streets of Monaco itself, this circuit includes incredibly tight corners, large elevation changes, narrow streets and even a tunnel.

Due to the tight nature of this track, it is a relatively low speed track, but still incredibly dangerous for the drivers and spectators alike. If you are interested in betting on F1 or just want to start to get to know the sport better. The Monaco Grand Prix is a great place to start.

24 Hours Of Le Mans

Endurance has always played a big roll in motorsport as we know it. There is no bigger endurance race on the World Endurance Championship calendar than the 24 Hours of Le Mans. A solid 24-hour race in which teams of 3 (sometimes less) drivers take turns in a single car to tackle the brutal 24-hour event. During this event there are 4 separate classes racing on the track together, these classes are Hypercar class, LM P2, LMGTE PRO and LMGTE AM.

All of these cars battling it out on the same track through the night, in which it usually rains, is a truly heroic spectacle. LM P2 cars can cover over 5000 km and burn through over 1800L of fuel each during the 24-hour stint. Most people will recognize the LM P2 cars without ever having watched a race. The alien look of LM P2 cars, often referred to as Le Mans style, is something that nobody can forget.

Race To The Clouds

The Race To The Clouds, or more commonly known as Pikes Peak, is the Hill climb event that challenges drivers of every caliber. A 20 km long race with hairpin turns facing deadly caverns in a fair share of the 156 turns, all while climbing near 3 km in elevation, creates a race truly like no other. It is common for competitors to face dry track, wet track and snow all in a single pass up the mountain.

In the open class of Pikes Peak, there are very few limiting rules, safety is the only concern. No power limits to be found brings out some truly remarkable engineering from manufacturers and private teams alike. If you would like to bet on a race like no other, there is simply nothing else like Pikes Peak.