Details about BlackJack Multi Hand for Online Players

Blackjack is one of the most commonly played casino games, available in virtually every online and real world casino. BlackJack Multi Hand, created by Play N Go, is an online slot game that takes the standard rules of blackjack to a whole new level. In terms of the core game play, the expected rules of blackjack apply. For those who might not be familiar, the game involves the player being dealt two cards.

The values of the two cards are added, and total value determined. The closer the total is to twenty one, the more valuable the hand. The player may, at this point, decide if he would like to stick, or risk drawing another card. If another card is drawn, the value of the new card will be added to the total. If the total exceeds twenty one, the player is bust and loses the hand.

Once the player is satisfied and sticks, the house must then play and attempt to beat the player, achieving a total higher then the player, but still below twenty one. In BlackJack Multi Hand if the player achieves a hand of a picture card, which counts as ten, and ace, which counts as eleven, this is known as blackjack, or a clean twenty one. The player instantly wins.

Multi Hand

In BlackJack Multi Hand an extra layer is added to the game, or multiple layers, depending on how many hands the player decides to have. The player may have one, two, or three blackjack hands running simultaneously, all during a single round. This is not exactly an earth shattering revelation in terms of bending the rules, but what appears to be a simple addition to the game quickly reveals itself to be a tense and interesting twist to the standard rules.

Each of the three hands has its own separate wager, which of course means that the player has to ante up three times. If all three hands win, however, a bonus is paid out, which makes the risk versus reward involved a rather tempting proposition. Take note, however, that no bonus is paid out if only three hands are played. Experimentation will reveal that having three hands versus the house’s single hands are tricky odds, especially in terms of all three hands being successful.

Blackjack Special Rules

Other then the addition of three hands, BlackJack Multi Hand follows all the standard rules. This includes the ace having two values. As players of blackjack will know, the ace may count as either a one or an eleven, depending on how the hand proceeds. If the hand is, for example, an ace and a five, the hand may be read as sixteen. Some may wish to stick on sixteen, depending on what the house seems to have drawn. If, however, the player decides to hit and goes beyond twenty one, the ace may then instead be counted as a one to save the hand from going bust. Use this trick wisely to take advantage of the situation and produce the best possible hand.