Check out the Comprehensive Review of Golden Goal Slot Online

Online slot gaming is certainly getting more adept at producing a theme alongside the slot gaming experience on offer for the players. With this Golden Goal online slot game from Play’n Go a slightly different approach has been made to the experience such that players will find themselves in a very classic style of slot gaming, theme and all. Though the style of the game is done with a classical intent the game is still well done and with some effective themed graphics that make the football associated experience one of a very recognisable nature. Overall in terms of look and visual experience this slot game offers plays a football theme experience.

Gameplay of an online slot game is arguably more important even than the theme of the slot, because ultimately this is the aspect of the game that can result in some decent winning opportunities for the players. This being said, this Golden Goal online slot game still persists with its minimalistic classic approach to the slot gaming experience and as such features just 3 reels and a single pay line in lieu of game setup. There are still a range of betting options however so players will be able to set the game up the way they want to. This style of slot gaming persists right down to the bonuses of the game as well and so this Golden Goal feature just a Wild and a progressive jackpot, so there is still some winning to be found.

This Football Style of Slot Gaming Online

This online slot game adopts one of the greatest sports the world has ever seen onto its reels for good reason because it does make an impact on the spinning experience if players can connect with the theme in question. In keeping with its classical approach however this Play’n Go Golden Goal slot takes a look at the older side of football, with the more traditional aspects of the game coming to the fore in this classical mashup. Even the backdrop to the slot is done in a straightforward fashion, adopting just the green turf of a football field for behind the reels. Otherwise though, the graphics of this slot are competent and convey the message the theme is trying to tell effectively.

Pictures tell a thousand words and the same goes with the symbols appearing on the rather minimalistic reels offered to the players in this Golden Goal slot game. These symbols include classic looks at the football boots, whistles, goal keeping gloves and more. Of course with only the 3 reels there aren’t all too many symbols to be found, making combination forming on them that little bit easier.


The Football Bonuses and the Progressive Jackpot

There is only really the Wild symbol available in lieu of bonus features for this Golden Goal Play’n Go slot game. This symbol is represented by the golden football symbol and can substitute for others during the base game. This symbol has one other purpose however, triggering the progressive jackpot. Indeed landing 3 of these Wilds across the single pay line in this Golden Goal online slot is what wins that big jackpot.