Biggest Sports Bets That Won Huge Amounts Of Money

Sports Betting has generated some of the biggest and most celebrated wins in gambling history. Casino Games attract a certain type of individual, one who’s looking for a complete experience – walking into a casino is like exiting one world and entering another.

By contrast, sporting events attract a far larger and more diverse range of enthusiasts. An astute golf spectator might be a far cry from a red-blooded rugby fanatic, but Sports Betting can offer its appeal to both. For this reason, Sports Betting victories are acknowledged and celebrated by a large portion of the population. Let’s take a look at some of the biggest Sports Betting wins in history.

Richard Hopkins Bets On Lewis Hamilton

 Lewis Hamilton was 13 years old when Richard Hopkins spotted his talent at the local go-karting ring. Hopkins placed bets on Him being world Champion by age 25, winning his first ever Formula 1 race by the same age, and then bet again on that both would come to pass. These bets only finished paying out 10 years later, but left Hopkins 165 000 GBP the richer.

This story is interesting as it speaks to the value of trusting one’s instincts when it comes to new players entering the scene as well as the massive wins that can be made from ridiculously slim odds. At 200/1, 500/1 and 1500/1 respectively, he made massive winnings despite his three wagers totalling only 350 GBP.

Tiger Woods’ Victory Makes Bettor A Millionaire

 In more recent betting history, Tiger Woods’ victory at the 2019 Masters made Sports Bettor James Adducci $1.2 Million. The bettor placed an almost insane amount of $85 000 on Tiger taking home the trophy despite his recent underwhelming performance.

The bookmaker put the odds at 14/1 but Adducci’s prediction came to pass making him one happy bettor. Betting on favourites in a solo sport can be dangerous when the playing field is unstable. In Woods’ prime the odds would be far more favourable – but every now and again an old favourite pull through.

The Curious Case Of Vegas Dave

Two of the biggest wins in recent Sports Betting History have been made by self-proclaimed “sports information consultant” Vegas Dave. Being a two-time history book making winner is a big deal, but can Dave read the future? The odds are slim.

He’s won big twice. And real big too.

His first win was predicting the Kansas City Royals would win the world series at 30/1. He walked away with $2.5 million. Then, in 2016, he made a further $2.3 million when the Denver Broncos won in the Super Bowl 50. By then, however, he was already under federal investigation. It turned out he’d been using other people’s social security numbers to place bets. For all his oddball social media posts and illegal behaviour, Vegas Dave is still one of the luckiest Sports Bettors alive.