Best Guide For Betting On The Olympics

The Olympics reign supreme as the best of the best the world has to offer. A wide variety of over 50 disciplines undertaken by the best athletes that every country in the world has to offer. The sheer grandeur, verity and size of the Olympics makes it a great place for an avid bettor to get in more than a few fantastic bets.


The Olympics has a wide variety of sports and disciplines available, while it isn’t recommended to try and bet on all of them at the same time, there are a few sports that stand out from the crowd for the average bettor. In the below we will be covering the sports which most stand out to the average bettor, however, don’t forget to check out all the sports available in the Olympics to try something new for your betting needs.

  • Gymnastics – gymnastics is an overarching category including rhythmic gymnastics, artistic gymnastics and acrobatic gymnastics. This is however a great event for bettors of all skill levels. Gymnastics supplies fewer participants for less but more accurate research, consistent participants for easier research and great odds together into one easy to manage and bet on event. Acrobatic gymnastics is generally recommended for newer bettors as the scoring is easier to understand and predict. Whichever gymnastics you decide to bet on, there is bound to be a great bet for you.
  • Track and Field – a fantastic selection of events, track and field is where the true limits of human ability really shine. Athletics in itself, including a wide range of sub-events, is a great place for any bettor to make accurate predictions with good research and perhaps the most consistent and dependable competitors.
  • Swimming – swimming has proven to be a popular sport amongst sport bettors. With a wide variety of distances and styles to take advantage of, no two bets here are really the same. Swimming similar to gymnastics provides an excellent ground for bettors in the form of individual athletes to research, consistent performance, a wide range of information and short decisive events. Swimming really is a great betting opportunity for a bettor of any skill level.
  • Football – the most prominent betting sport in the world remains football. In the Olympics, this is added with some extra twists. Rather than the traditional betting on football teams and clubs, it is now a matter of country. This puts an incredibly interesting change on the traditional format and has players who would normally be potential rivals, competing side by side. If you are currently a football fan and bettor, football in the Olympics is a great place to start betting.

Final Thoughts

The Olympics is a great biannual event, taking place every second year. While waiting for the next Olympics to roll around, it may be worth checking out the latest news and start researching competitors early. After all, research will be the key to your success in betting on any discipline in the Olympics that you may choose.