Beginner-Friendly Casino Games

Being new to casino games can initially be intimidating. There is a whole lot of money that’s coming and going, casino dealers are busy dealing, other attendees are playing, cheering and high fiving one another. This can be too much for someone who isn’t accustomed to the casino environment.

While these activities can be a bit overwhelming at first, once you find your feet, casino gaming can be extremely fun and even profitable too. If you’re a beginner in the casino world and want to know which games are suitable for you, read further.


Slots are considered as one of the easiest casino games. Modern day slot machines have managed to simplify the game even more. To play the slots, all you need to do is insert your money, push the buttons, sit back, and watch the reels spin and see if you win.

There isn’t much decision making to make when playing the slot machines, besides having to decide how much you’d like to bet on each of the spins. While slot machines are incredibly fun to play, compared to other casino games, they typically feature some of the highest house advantages. Although this may be the case, it doesn’t mean you can’t win. You most certainly can win but the probabilities of hitting a jackpot are not as high as other games.

3 Card Poker

3 Card Poker is the most popular derivative of the poker game. These poke derivative games initially showed up in casinos around 30 years ago with games such as Let It Ride, and Caribbean Stud having paved the way.

The reason for 3 Card Poker’s success is because it is fairly easy to learn and the amount of money you can win at the tables is also quite enticing. Traditional poker games are played with 5 or more cards, but the 3 Card Poker game only requires 3 cards. This dumbs down the poker game, allowing faster actions and easier decision making. If you are someone who likes games that move quickly and offer bigger payouts, the 3 Card Poker is the ideal casino game for you. And if not, you can always try Australian sports betting online instead!


Keno is an old game and spans for over 3000 years, believe it or not. Keno was first developed by a Chinese emperor by the name of Cheung Leung to help finance his military. Keno has managed to stand the tests of time because it is one of the easiest casino games to grasp, enabling people to play it seconds after being taught how to play.

To play the game, Keno has a hopper with 80 balls that are numbered from 1 until 80. The balls are then selected one at a time until 20 balls are drawn. Players can bet as many balls as they like, between 1 and 20 and if the balls you have bet on are pulled, you win. Keno is one of the best games for beginners because it’s really easy. Once you’ve decided on the number of balls you want to play, all that’ll be left to do is watch the balls pop out of the hopper and you can start enjoying the game.