A General Comparison Of Live & Futures Betting

The rapid improvement of technology has provided the world with an incredible new era with boundless exciting new opportunities. And while the age-old pursuit of sports betting was big in popularity before the turn of the millennium, the advent of online and streaming technology has in turn created a whole host of exciting new opportunities for sports betting. One of these has been the highly popular new innovation of live in-play sports betting. But how does this new way of betting compare to another very popular, and more traditional, sports betting option, namely the futures bet? To answer this, one must understand what each are.

Betting Live & In Play

Live betting is an exciting new way to bet on sports that is made possible with today’s efficient digital broadcasting and online technologies. It allows bookmakers to offer on-the-moment odds and bets on various aspects of a game, match, or race, as it unfolds in real-time. For example, one could wager on who scores the next goal, or has the next best lap-time, or any number of new betting opportunities provided by the unfolding events of the sport in play.

This has understandably added a greater level of excitement, and interest, in sports betting than ever before, as well as changing a few key aspects in terms of the bets and strategies, and also the style of play.

Live betting, though potentially offering more opportunity and reward, however, necessitates quick decision making, and a keen understanding of the sport, the available bets, and their odds, in order to maximise success. Also understandably, without responsible betting and bankroll management, it can potentially burn a whole through your pocket a lot faster.

Betting On The Future

Technically, one could say that most, if not all, “traditional” bets are essentially bets on the future, and if one wanted to go further, that so is live betting, but it is generally the time between the bet and the outcome, that defines it.

Futures bets, which are bets on a sporting match or event yet to happen, have long been a popular go-to bet for newcomers to sports betting and seasoned bettors alike. This is because it is generally one of the most simple and stress-free bet, with set odds, and ample time to reflect on a decision.

Futures bets are notoriously difficult to win though. But, with sufficient knowledge and knack for prediction, and the right odds, when the wins do come, they can be huge.

The Conclusion

In the end of the day, and traditionalism aside, live betting and futures betting, can simply be seen as two sides of the current spectrum of sports betting, and each with their advantages and disadvantages. They furthermore represent the margins of an ever widening scope of choice, reward, and excitement in the growing world of sports betting.

Otherwise though, they are there to be explored and utilised according to one’s preference, or even used simultaneously, though with due caution, informed decision-making, and smart money management of course.